Hey folks! It's that time of year again! I am back on the sled and I am excited about it. In the 2014-15 season, I was able to crowdsource my entire season.  I was astounded by the level of support and shocked by the amount of attention that the campaign received. I'm forever grateful to everyone who helped me get here. 

Since I left Team Canada in 2016, I've been totally self-funded. I worked two jobs on top of training to fund my sliding, but I am still coming up short for this season. Heading into this Olympic season, I'd like to ask for some help from my community and that's why...

This year, I'm making T-shirts. Check them out below!



I've made 3 different designs that you can order from ( www.teespring.com/stores/help-send-john-to-korea ). The shirts are in multiple colors and there should be cuts to fit everyone. Orders will print every 3 days and will ship until the end of the campaign. The company says orders should arrive in 9-12 business days- this may take longer for Canadians (soory aboot it) 

Use the #johncan18 and post a photo of your new threads before Dec 17, 2017 for the chance to win a USA luge prize pack including a 50$ Visa giftcard. 


I am running the campaign from Oct 28- dec 17. I will be racing in World Cups/ Olympic qualifiers every weekend starting Nov 8/9 - Check the full schedule here  

The Goods

I'm so happy to receive this level of support from my community. Thanks for being part of the movement. Let's do this!